NEXT architects has been founded in 1999 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers and John van de Water.

In 2004, an independent office was opened in Beijing, China.

The Beijing office is led by John van de Water and China partner Jiang Xiao Fei. This website gives an overview of our China projects.

For general information about NEXT architects, please visit the website of NEXT architects Amsterdam

NEXT architects | BEIJING

John van de Water (NL); Jiang Xiao Fei (CN), 蒋晓飞;Huang Ming Xing (CN), 黄明星, Wopke Tjipke Schaafstal (NL), 沃普科; Wang Bo (CN) 王博; Yu Peng (CN),余鹏; Chen Long Fei (CN), 陈龙飞;Yin Ya Ling (CN), 尹亚玲;Jiang Ci Ai (CN), 蒋慈爱;Sun Yi Meng (CN), 孙一萌;Wei Qi Feng(CN), 魏奇峰; Lu Fang (CN) 卢芳; Wu Ye Long(CN),吴业隆; Li Xing (CN),李鑫;Liu Feng Qin (CN),刘丰琴 ;Wang Hao(CN),王浩;Hou Peng Fei(CN),侯鹏飞;Ren Wan Ting(CN),任婉婷;Wen Xin(CN),温心;Wang Cui(CN),王催

former team members:

Liu Yan Bing (CN),刘燕兵; Liu Qiao (CN), 刘俏;; Xu Jie(CN), 徐杰;Liu Shi Long(CN), 刘实龙;Zhou Zhen Nan(CN), 周振南;Wang Guan Yi (CN),王冠一;Chen Meng (CN), 陈萌;Shi Hui (CN),石慧;Hu Yuan (CN),胡媛;Xu Hong Lei (CN), 许红雷;Yan Bing Liang (CN), 颜丙亮;Ren Shu Guang (CN) 任曙光;Fu Xiao Meng (CN),付晓萌;Li Jing Han(CN),李静涵;Xu Gang(CN),许刚;Zhou Feng(CN),周峰; Ma Yun Feng (CN), 马云峰;Zhao Fei Qi (CN), 赵飞奇

NEXT architects is an Amsterdam and Beijing based collective of architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating in the fields of product design, architecture, urbanism and research and development.

NEXT driven force lies in experimenting with interventions that create surplus value and meaning for people and context.

Arguably, NEXT’s most comprehensive experiment was initiated in 2004. One of NEXT’s partners moved to Beijing, China, to construct an annex office. While the office in Amsterdam continued to expand its work, an increasing amount of time on projects were invested in China. 

China develops in unprecedented pace. In the quest for modernization, in chasing ‘the Chinese Dream’, at least three phases of ‘dialogue with Western influence’ can be recognized. Firstly, just after China’s opening up, it seems there was a clear and uncut adapting of everything that was Western, and as such, modern. This period was followed by a period of adjustment by adding Chinese elements to Western building types. The third phase is just about to enter: loosely interpreting Western concepts, mixing them with Chinese context, and developing them in something new in order to create something specifically for contemporary China.

For NEXT, Chinese conditions provide the fertile ground to experiment with Dutch Genes in Chinese Dreams. It is this experiment from which the architectural projects can be understood.

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